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Ryad Takes Leadership

Ryad is 18 years old. He is the first child of his paperents. His mother Khadija Khatun is a house wife and his father Syed Mohammad Hasan is a teacher of a Madrasha. He lives with his parents at Nehaliakanda village in the district of Mymensingh. As Ryad is the first child he is the darling of his parents. When he was one and a half year old his mother noticed that Ryad never sweat in hot humidity. But his mother did not give importance to this. When Ryad was 9/10 years old, he had to use a wet cloth to find relief of the heat. For this reason he felt severely unwell. When his parents understood this they went to the doctor for treatment. Suddenly when Ryad was 12 years old he got a high fever and a swelling on the left knee. His paperents went to India for better treatment. An operation was done on the knee. After the operation he could not walk normally and for this reason he spent several years sitting at home.

Once, in January 2009, his mother went to the PCC to consult about the physical problems of his younger sister. During that time, she came to know about the Youth Club of disabled boys in the PCC. She talked with the responsible person of this club and Ryad got a membership of this club. Then he participated in a number of programs and developed his skills. Now he is taking leadership of a group of 18 disabled boys. That changed his life and increased his self confidence as he involves in different socio-econimic activities. His mother is happy to see the changes and success in his life.