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Sabbir Is Now Going To School

Sabbir Hossain (Akas) is 7 years old. His father name is Shiful Islam and mother name is Jahanara Khatun. He has two sisters and he is second child of his parents. His father is a rickshaw puller and mother is a house wife. Consist of five members; his father could not manage his family with his poor income. They live at Khagdohor Modhopara in Mymensingh district.

When Sabbir was one years old he got high fever and start pain in his leg. After a long time his family admitted him in Osmani Medical College Hospital in Shylet. Their doctor said to his father, Sabbir got Rickets dieses. He need to stay long time in the hospital for cure his physical condition.

Due to their financial poor condition his father did not manage his treatment cost. They return back form the hospital hidey. With this physical condition Sabbir grew up day by day and he can not walk properly. Because of his physical disability Playmates did hurt him and did not mix and play with Sabbir. The behavior of playmates did hurt him and he felt lonely. It reduce him participation in different socio-cultural activities. His parents had no more hope for his child physical improvement. All the day Sabbir sat in his home and no light for his physical and education possibility. His parents never thought about his physical improvement & education. Community people always blamed to sabbir parents for their son disability. They said it was course of God. Sabbir parents keep silent and blamed him self.

One day PRICBRNP project staff came to know about Sabbir in January, 2015 during the assessment of new child in khagdhor union, Mymensingh. PRT Officer Fill up Needs assessment and makes Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) and set Short term and long term goals for his Education, Health, Social, improvement. He identified his type of disability is Physical (Knock Knee).PRT Officer goes to Sabbir house every week and provides therapy to Sabbir and motivation to hos parents. His mother also learnt about therapy from PRT officer and provides regularly.

As a result of providing physiotherapy during six months Sabbir got improved. He can walk properly. By giving motivation his parents, now they admitted him in class one. His school name is Khagdhor primary school. In his the school time he always get ready. He likes to participate in school. Now he has many friends in school and his community. He successfully completes his half yearly examination. His parents never believe that his son can attend in school. Now Sabbir have a dream, He wants to be a teacher and help to children with disabilities.