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THE Story Of Hosnera - Aged 18

When I was three years old my parents began to worry about me beacuse something was wrong - I did not grow. Being so short in height is rare in Bangladesh and people herr don't know what causes this disability. Mostly they are superstitions and blame bad spirits  or the bad deeds of parents for it. I did not go to school because the children there would only have laughed at me.

Some staff members of the Protibondhi Community Centre contacted me and told me about their meetings and work for other disabled people. I thoughf: "If they can do this, why am I still sitting here and waiting? Of course I will go, this is my chance to come out and do something!"

When people used to tease me I would react by crying, but this has changed now. I am confident enough to defend myself even though it is still hard for me to hear cruel comments. My heart has changed, too. Before, I would just sit at home. Now I take every chance to go outside, to  experience new things and to meet people. I am thankful to the peopl at the Protobondhi Community Centre for the courage I have found. They have helped to change my life. New I am able to encourage others because of my own experience and I have brought new persons to the Women's Club.

Now I  am the Chairman of one of the Disabled Peoples' Organizations. In our society in Bangladesh we are outsiders. But, here, nobody treats me life that. I am a full member of the society.